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Coastal Messenger underway

2016 Voyages

April is the beginning of a "year" for Coastal Missions. Between then and February 2017, the crews will visit people living on the west coast of Vancouver Island, SE Alaska, Haida Gwaii, mainland BC inlets, and the archapelago of islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland, and east Vancouver Island. The vessel will return only shortly to home port for the Christmas break.

Follow the Coastal Messenger schedule through the year either online with links to Google Maps or in print (PDF file).


The vessel is in good working order and looking great after six weeks of routine maintenance. This year weeks of rainy weather made it possible for Tom and Debbe to refresh some interior paint. Brian and Stephen improved the hydraulic steering system. The last jobs were giving the boat a good clean and putting fresh provisions aboard. Now all we need is for you to come aboard and enjoy!

Below are directions to three OPEN BOAT locations (just like an open house but on a boat) and a few behind-the-scenes shots from this year's maintenance.

Nanaimo Open Boat - April 15 and 16

Nanaimo Harbour on the large floating breakwater accessed from Promenade Drive. 10 am to 8 pm. To contact the crew: 250-416-9291.

Nanaimo Harbour map2016 launch after vessel maintenance.

Genoa Bay Open Boat - April 18

You won't be able to miss our "big blue boat" in Genoa Bay. 10 am to 8 pm. To contact the crew: 250-416-9291.

Genoa Bay map Tom making repair on deck box.

Victoria Open Boat - April 20 and 21

Downtown at the floats directly in front of the Empress. 10 am - 8 pm. To contact the crew: 250-416-9291.

Victoria Harbour map Staging set up around the Coastal Messenger for painting.

More News - Bible Study in May

Bible study at Coastal Missions

Coastal Missions will host a week of Bible studies at the mission base in Chemainus from May 16-20. Frank Getman will teach. With a lifetime of experience and learning he's a great one to answer questions too. Not to mention he's Petunia's new husband!

There will be morning and afternoon Bible sessions, interspersed with the fun of sharing meals at the mission table and music in the living room. If you are interested, contact the office for more details or to save your spot.

Wedding Photos

Frank and Petunia Getman happily celebrated their marriage with 350 friends on April 2. Thank you to everyone who attended and sent congratulations. It had the flavour of a big Coastal Missions reunion. The bride and groom had big smiles, and so did the rest!

Petunia smiles at Frank - a happy couple.

Noho, Sarah-C, Petunia, Frank, Uncle Roy

Frank and Petunia with bag pipes leading recessional.

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Coastal Messenger anchored at Friendly Cove.