Coastal Missions Society

Advancing the Gospel on the Coast

Coastal Messenger at Echo Bay float

Follow the Coastal Messenger schedule.

Look for us LIVE on AIS (Automatic Identification System) following these steps:

  1. Open the Siitech website: Siitech
  2. Click the Guest Login button
  3. Type Coastal Messenger in the Search bar (upper right).
  4. Click the Find button
Crew waving from Port Hardy float.

2015 Season

It has been a big happy season for the Coastal Messenger, and the season is not over yet! The Gold Crew with skipper Brian Burkholder and crew Chet and Teresa McArthur are aboard until December 7th. They are staying safe despite storms typical of this time of year.

Just a few weeks ago one of our coastal friends used his drone to take some photos of the Coastal Messenger underway - thanks Ken Beaubien for sharing this beautiful photo with us! Coastal Messenger underway as captured by a drone.

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Coastal Messenger anchored at Friendly Cove.