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Coastal Messenger underway


2016 Voyages

April is the beginning of a "year" for Coastal Missions. Between April 2016 and February 2017, our alternating crews will visit people living on the west coast of Vancouver Island, SE Alaska, Haida Gwaii, mainland BC inlets, and the archapelago of islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland, and east Vancouver Island. The vessel will return only shortly to home port for the Christmas break.

Follow the Coastal Messenger schedule through the year either online with links to Google Maps or in print (PDF file).

The crew will add up-to-date location details to the calendar below when possible. Click on an entry to display more information.


Alaska Update

The Blue Crew is half way through the Alaska Voyage. All is going well with ship, crew, and visits.

Janelle Duckworth, our new crew member is "learning the ropes" quickly. Here she is sitting on the bow of the Coastal Messenger with her XtraTuff boots on.

Janelle with XtraTuff boots hanging over bow of Coastal Messenger.

Sarah-C is spending more time gaining experience running the Coastal Messenger and the skiff. Uncle Roy and Petunia are excellent at passing on their knowledge of the coast.

Uncle Roy and Sarah-C in skiff to visit family on island.

South East Alaska has more rain than "down south." So it is not uncommon to see our crew in boots and bright colored rain gear.

Uncle Roy, Petunia, and Janelle in bright coloured rain gear.

A lot of visits happen in the galley. Here is a fun panorama of the aft cabin and galley on the vessel, at the end of a day of visiting.

Panoramo of the Coastal Messenger aft cabin and galley.

Open Boat

Every year after our annual maintenance period we hold a few open boats. This year's open boats were held in Nanaimo, Genoa Bay, and Victoria. If you missed them, don't worry, we will schedule more for next April after our 2017 maintenance. But really, the Coastal Messenger is an open boat year round. Wherever you see us on the coast, say hello. The coffee is always on. And the crew is almost always ready to give a tour.

During maintenance this year, weeks of rainy weather made it possible for Tom and Debbe to refresh some interior paint. Brian and Stephen improved the hydraulic steering system. The last jobs were giving the boat a thorough clean and putting fresh provisions aboard. The vessel is in good working order for 10 months of missionary voyages.

2016 launch after vessel maintenance.Tom making repair on deck box.Staging set up around the Coastal Messenger for painting.


Bible Study at the Mission Base

Bible study at Coastal Missions

The mission base is a beautiful setting on the shore north of Chemainus overlooking the gulf islands. The base hums with the activity that keeps the mission going. Yet many describe it as peaceful. We invite you to set aside a week and come study the Bible here.

Frank Getman is a well-qualified and gifted Bible teacher. With a lifetime of experience and learning he's a great one for answering questions too! There will be morning and afternoon Bible sessions, interspersed with the fun of sharing meals around the mission table, music in the living room, and many other enjoyments of the place and people. There is room to tent, trailer, anchor, and there may even be a free bedroom inside. If you are interested, contact the office for more details or to save your spot.


Wedding Photos

Frank and Petunia Getman happily celebrated their marriage with 350 friends on April 2. Thank you to everyone who attended and sent congratulations. It had the flavour of a big Coastal Missions reunion. The bride and groom had big smiles, and so did the rest! A photo album is aboard the Coastal Messenger for all our coastal friends who couldn't make the distance to the celebration.

Petunia smiles at Frank - a happy couple.

Noho, Sarah-C, Petunia, Frank, Uncle Roy

Frank and Petunia with bag pipes leading recessional.


Introducing Janelle Duckworth

Janelle is our newest team member. She joins the Blue Crew aboard for the first time this summer. Aptly described as a dynamo, she has a natural knack for the galley, top marks as a hairdresser, and plays the cello. And yes, the cello does fit on the Coastal Messenger! So we are looking forward to sharing more music and our new crew member with our friends up and down coast.


Lots is happening at Coastal Missions

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Coastal Messenger anchored at Friendly Cove.