Coastal Missions Society

2018 Vessel Schedule

Coastline of the Pacific Northwest West Coast Vancouver Island Voyage South East Alaska Voyage BC North and Central Coast Voyage BC Inlets North Voyage BC Inlets South Voyage Coast line of Washington, British Columbia, and South East Alaska

January 15-18

January 25

January 29-February 23

February 26-April 14

April 12-18

April 20-May 5

May 7-June 6

June 7-June 25

June 26-July 30

July 31-August 10

August 11-September 11

September 12-September 22

September 23-October 08

October 09-23

October 23-November 13

November 14-22

November 23-December 5

December 5

When the vessel is in range, you can follow the Coastal Messenger in real time on AIS (Automatic Identification System):

  1. Open the Siitech website: Siitech
  2. Click the Guest Login button
  3. Type Coastal Messenger in the Search bar (upper left)
  4. Click the Find button