Coastal Missions Society

About Us

Who We Are

We are seven missionaries with a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, skills, and personalities. When combined this variety and our team harmony is a hallmark of Coastal Missions.

Coastal Missions logo: People Reaching PeopleWhat We Do

Coastal Missions' purpose is to advance the Gospel on the coast.

Visits are made to areas mostly outside the reach of churches including villages, communities, light stations, logging operations, work sites, homes, fish boats, and other vessels.

Genuine friendships exist because of consistent visits for almost four decades. Coastal Missions now visits third and fourth generations in some coastal families.

Coastline of Washington, BC, Alaska

Where We Go

Coastal Mission operates from a mission base in Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada. You will find the Coastal Messenger on the coast in all seasons.

The vessel schedule covers the British Columbia coast, including the mainland coast and inlets, both sides of Vancouver Island. Voyages extend south into Washington as far as Olympia. Voyages extend north into the mid coast of British Columbia as far as Klemu.

What We Are Known For

Coastal Missions is known for being real, down-to-earth people who are a part of the coast. And we are famous for our hospitality. Just ask anyone who has been aboard the Coastal Messenger or visited the team in Chemainus.

How We Are Funded

Coastal Missions is a registered charity in Canada and the US. All activity is charitable and non-commercial. Funding is derived without appeal and apart from a denomination.

That means missionaries never ask for money, except to appeal directly to God. Individuals, groups, businesses, and churches have continued to give financially down through the years simply because people know about the work and want to support it.

We provide the opportunity to donate online. You can do so by selecting "Donate" in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen.

What We Believe

We believe in the Authority of Scripture, the Person of God, the Person of Christ, the Person of the Holy Spirit, the Separation of Man, the Office of Christ, the Sacrifice of Christ, the Everlasting Life of Man, the Judgment Seat of Christ, and the Final Victory.

Full description of each belief is in the Articles of Faith.