Coastal Missions Society


For the sake of brevity, few stories have been told; only a few of the hundreds of people who made this huge history happen are mentioned.

Where does a heart for all these years on the coast come from? One might think it has to do with boating. But when you consider all that is endured being out there year after year, winter and summer, that argument doesn't hold water. Forgive the pun. Really, there is only one answer. God puts it in people's hearts to do different things to accomplish His purposes.

How long will Coastal Missions continue? The answer is simple. Until God finishes using this form of outreach.


Debbie tells a story. It started many years ago. The crew had learned of a family living in a secluded place. Coastal Messenger went in and anchored, and the workboat was launched. The crew went ashore. The home was a most humble habitation. A little girl sat shyly in a back corner watching with big curious eyes as conversations took place.

Debbie had brought crayons, and with a colouring book, she diverted the girl's shyness.

No matter how inaccessible the various locations where coastal people live, all have a place they call "town." The Post Office was a faraway place in the case of this child. Even so, Debbie sent a letter in good faith that it would reach her. It did, and the girl wrote back.

Coastal Messenger returned the following year. All that was left of the crayons were their worn ends. Debbie gave her a new box. This was repeated over several years. Then, on one of those visits, the girl had a gift for Debbie—several little candles made from the melted wax crayon ends.

The girl moved to town in her early teens. Her world grew. She went to art school, and in time, met a special man and married. Debbie and Anne were able to attend the wedding. For a gift, Debbie gave her those precious candles.
The "girl" is now in her thirties, and they still write back and forth. One recent card from her contains words of gratitude in phrases such as, "the influence you've had…life wouldn't be the same without you."

To reach out and encourage people in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the power and compulsion for going. Each missionary worker has their stories. Not everyone uses crayons, but Coastal Missions is the top user of the local Post Office.


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